Partner 1: MOMA (DK)

The Department of Molecular Medicine (MOMA), Aarhus University Hospital, holds large biobanks for prostate cancer with long-term follow-up, as well as state-of-the-art facilities for molecular diagnostics and molecular biology research.

The PI is Professor, MD, DMSci Torben Ørntoft, whose expertise is in molecular alterations in cancer. He has published extensively within this area. MOMA has more than 10 years of experience in biomarker discovery based on microarray profiling and houses a core center for Affymetrix microarray analyses.

MOMA currently has ~40 employees plus ~15 masters and phd students.

Dr. Karina Dalsgaard Sørensen, associate professor at MOMA, will be the daily research manager regarding PC work, and has a strong track record in molecular biomarker discovery for PC. 
The NGS core center at MOMA is run by associate professor of bioinformatics, Dr. Jakob Skou Pedersen, who is an expert in NGS data analysis.


Scientific personnel:

Torben Falck Ørntoft, Professor, MD, DMSci

Karina Dalsgaard Sørensen, Assoc.Prof.

Jakob Skou Pedersen, Assoc.Prof.

Christa Haldrup, Post.doc

Kamilla Mundbjerg, Post.doc


Academic personnel:

Christina Bak Pedersen, Academic Coordinator